Ultracapacitor  – is a modern energy storage device. Ultracapacitor is capable:
- accumulate energy like a battery;
- quickly discharge and charge like a capacitor.
As a result, the electrochemical device is different:
- in 10 times more capacitance than a capacitor;
- in 10 times greater pulse discharge power compared to a traditional battery. An EDLC or molecular energy storage device is a large capacitor.
Advantages of ultracapacitors: 
- high speed charging and discharging;;
- extremely low internal resistance;
- service life (minimum 10 years);
- complete absence of restrictions on the number of charge and discharge cycles;
- operating temperature range (from -45º to + 65º);
- extremely simple charging methods without the need for control;
- explosion and fire safety, environmental safety, lack of toxic substances.
Where are ultracapacitors used:
The active production and sale of EDLC can be explained by the fact that at the present stage of development, mankind needs more efficient methods of accumulation and storage of electricity. The ultracapacitor is distinguished by the fact that it provides pulsed energy release for a short time period - from 0.1 s to 10 s.
The EDLC becomes an indispensable device when it is necessary to ensure a guaranteed start-up of the internal combustion engine of a car, construction and other special equipment, railway equipment and more. If earlier the problem of starting an ICE with a discharged standard battery or adverse weather conditions required great efforts, serious expenses and ingenuity, today it is enough to buy a ultracapacitor for this. The sale of EDLC is focused not only on car owners and users of special equipment instead of a battery, for starting the engine Supercapacitors are purchased today, including to ensure uninterrupted operation of power supply systems of important facilities. For example, in Moscow they are often used in: 
- life support systems of medical and other institutions; 
- communication systems;
- for a car, instead of a battery;
- hazardous productions.
The ultracapacitor can be used together with solar panels and hydrogenerators. 
Today, many electric vehicle manufacturers prefer to purchase EDLC as a replacement for accumulator. Including, such technology is used by the domestic producer of public transport means Company TrolZa (Trolleybus factory). If the electric drive of the trolleybus powers the ultracapacitor, then it becomes independent of the contact network, which is extremely important for large cities. Electric cars with EDLC are recharged only at stops with the help of retractable elements, and are approaching maneuverability for buses with ICE. You can buy ultracapacitor modules for the assembly of electric vehicles. In them, these devices are used as a source of pulsed power during acceleration. The erroneous judgment that ultracapacitor modules are available only to large and wealthy companies is no longer the case. Today, a small organization and even a private person can buy a molecular energy storage device. The price installed on the ultracapacitor is determined by its technical characteristics. First of all, it is capacitance and voltage. If you want to purchase an EDLC, then the price and other parameters of all models are given in the price list.
What can ultracapacitors?
Some believe that EDLC are capable of replacing any battery in any device. This is actually not the case. These devices solve their specific tasks, but so far they cannot become a complete replacement for batteries. Let's give a simple example. A conventional ultracapacitor with a weight of 1 kg is able to accumulate 25-30 times less energy than an inexpensive lead battery. However, ultracapacitors have a completely different task. The ultracapacitor is capable of repeatedly delivering any power without any damage. There is only one limitation - the connecting wires must withstand these loads. If a conventional battery is forced to deliver high power for a short period of time, it will quickly fail and discharge by half. At the same time, ultracapacitors charge in seconds. A regular battery charges for several hours. In this case, these functions determine the scope of ultracapacitors. Ultracapacitors are also good as power sources for devices that consume more power in a short period of time. For example, car starters, power tools and electronic equipment. Ultracapacitors remain operational at low temperatures, which is important in our operating conditions. Molecular energy storage is used to launch military and civilian equipment.
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